Kwandwe is a private game reserve offering visitors a Big Five wildlife experience while they enjoy top luxury accommodation and food. Wildlife isn’t as habituated yet as in some other private reserves because Kwandwe was established relatively recently. However, this is prime black rhino country and sightings of these very shy animals are common. The adventurous can embark on a four-day safari participating in a rhino-darting and microchipping program.

Why Go:

  • A variety of accommodation available
  • Excellent value-for-money
  • Amazing game viewing, including the Big Five
  • Game drives both, during the night and day


Kwandwe is home to all the big safari animals, including the Big Five. As it is recently established, Kwande's wildlife isn't as prolific as in some other parks, but the drama of the setting makes up for this. Black rhino and cheetah are some of the flagship species you can expect to see.Some of the interesting antelope often encountered are eland, red hartebeest and gemsbok. Night drives can produce sightings of aardvark, aardwolf and bat-eared fox.

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The scenic Great Fish River meanders for 30km/19 mi through Kwandwe GR. The vast rolling landscape seems to go on forever, and forest-like thickets of Euphorbia trees grow on the steep slopes. This habitat is prime black rhino country.

Weather & Climate

Kwandwe enjoys a temperate climate. Daytime temperatures are quite comfortable throughout the year, but it does get colder at night in the winter months (May to September). Winter and summer are at the opposite time as compared to Europe and North America. Unlike the summer rainfall pattern in the rest of the country, it rains throughout the year. It doesn't rain that much, but most of it falls in the summer months, from October to March.

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Best Time to Visit

Kwandwe’s wildlife viewing is favorable all year, but best during the driest months of the year (June through September). This is during the winter season, and it can become very cold at times. It is important to prepare for this with warm clothing, which is particularly important for evening and morning game drives in open vehicles.

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